Stories and such

So I decided to write my first official post today.

Has anyone had that moment where you need to do something but realized you had no way of doing it?

Well, I do. Quite often actually.

Today I decided I was going to try and write a story….. well a long story. Could turn out as a book.

However, as I turn on my laptop to start typing away, I realized that I didn’t have Word on my laptop.

Trust me. It sucks cause I pretty much cannot live without Office Word.

So now I sit here, trying to figure out if I should continue writing in a notebook, or try and find another way to type it up.

Speaking of stories and books. A really good friend of mine started writing screen plays. Her screen plays are so good, I told her she should do a book instead. However, she has no intrest. (Even though she isverytalented.)

Well before I go I must ask, what is your favorite short story or book?

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Hello everyone.

This is my first post on this blog. I use to run another blog but deleted it by accident. So I’m starting over.

For a quick intorduction; my name is ASouthernCowgirl, or Jenny. I’m also the daughter of MrsMamaHen.

I ‘m an equestiran, bookworm, amature photographer and a Southern raised Army Brat.

I might not post often, but I will try my best.

God Bless y’all.

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